General Psychology II


The group for Perception and Cognition at the Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel was formed in the summer of 2017 by merging the Computational Visual Cognition Lab from the University of Edinburgh (Nuthmann) with parts of the former Visual Perception Lab in Kiel (Faul).

Accordingly, in one line of research we investigate how visual, oculomotor, and cognitive processes work together in everyday visual-cognitive tasks like scene perception, object-in-scene search, and reading. We approach these issues with experimental, corpus-analytical, and computational modelling techniques. Our main method is the measurement and analysis of eye movements, which includes the development of novel analysis methods.

Eye-movement demo using a picture of Kiel University’s main campus area (YouTube)

A second line of research investigates processes of material perception, with an emphasis on color perception, perceptual transparency, and the perception of gloss. Main topics are (1) the identification and modelling of stimulus properties that influence the occurrence and the stability (constancy) of corresponding perceptual impressions, and (2) the influence of material properties on object recognition, in particular shape perception.